PhD Seminar

organized by Maike Klein (e_mail) and Daniel Sell (e_mail).

There is a weekly Seminar mainly intended to PhD Studends of our faculty of mathematics.

Monday from 12.15 to 1.45 p.m., SR 3325, Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2

This seminar is there to present different research areas and to animate the doctoral life.

Meeting time for common lunch: 11.30 a.m. in front of room 3536 (EAP 2)

The given talks should explain basic ideas of the achieved work avoiding complex details but communicating main intensions of the doctoral research to other students. Feel free to give a talk and join us. We also very welcome master students and postdocs who are interested to join.

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Programme for the winter semester 2017/2018

Mo, 16.10.17      - no seminar -    
Mo, 23.10.17 12:15 p.m. M. Sc. Till Hauser (Dynamical systems)
"On the Monotonicity of the Maximal Equicontinuous Factor and some Application"   abstract
Mo, 30.10.17      - no seminar -   
Mo, 06.11.17 12:15 p.m. M. Sc. Melchior Wirth (Analysis)
"Gradient flows in Euclidean, Hilbert, and metric spaces"   abstract
Mo, 13.11.17 12:15 p.m. M. Sc. Jan Kotrbatý (Differential Geometry)
"Search for valuations in the octonionic plane" 
Mo, 20.11.17 12:15 p.m. Dipl.-Math. Pierre Landrock (Algebra)
"On the Abelian Defect Group Conjecture"
Mo, 27.11.17      - no seminar -
Mo, 04.12.17 12:15 p.m. M. Sc. Oliver Siebert (Mathematical physics)  
Mo, 11.12.17 12:15 p.m. M. Sc. André Prater (Algebra)  
Mo, 18.12.17 12:15 p.m. B. Sc. Stephan Wolf (Stochastics)  
Mo, 08.01.18 12:15 p.m. M. Sc. Jannis Koberstein (Mathematical physics)  
Mo, 15.01.18 12:15 p.m. Dipl.-Math. Christian Oertel (Dynamical systems)  
Mo, 22.01.18 12:15 p.m. Dr. Therese Mieth (Analysis)  
Mo, 29.01.18 12:15 p.m.    
Mo, 05.02.18 12:15 p.m. M. Sc. Maike Klein (Stochastics)  

Programme for past semesters