Dr. Bharath Krishnan (Salesforce) · Machine Learning for Commerce Personalization

BharathKrishnanSalesforce Commerce Cloud powers commerce operations across all points of sale, including web, social, mobile, in-store, and more. As the leading enterprise cloud commerce solution, it allows the world's top retail brands to continuously innovate in the complex, consumer-driven world. Commerce Cloud powers more than 2,000 commerce sites in 53 countries, with more than $16 billion in merchandise sold in 2016. Within Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the Einstein team uses machine learning to help our customers reach & delight shoppers across multiple channels, on the web, on mobile, and in the store. In this presentation, we will talk about how we use machine learning to build real-time personalization systems that power product & content recommendations that work out of the box with minimal effort on the part of our merchants.


Dr. Bharath Krishnan is the VP of Data Science & Software Engineering at Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein and was previously the Chief Technologist for Demandware Predictive Intelligence. Bharath has been working on various ML problems applied to retail data since 2005 as part of ProfitLogic, Oracle Retail & CQuotient. He has a B.Tech in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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