Mathematisches Kolloquium - Prof. Dr. Horst Martini / Goldene Promotion Prof. Dr. Eike Hertel

Zeitraum: 25.10.2018 16:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr

Ort: Fürstengraben 27 (Rosensäle), Großer Sitzungssaal


16:00 Uhr Kaffee und Kuchen
16:30 Uhr Begrüßung und Feierliche Übergabe der Jubiläumsurkunde an Prof. Dr. Eike Hertel zu Ehren seiner Goldenen Promotion
16:45 Uhr Vortrag: Prof. Dr. Horst Martini (TU Chemnitz)

Thema: Geometry of finite dimensional real Banach spaces

Abstract: The foundations of the geometry of finite dimensional real Banach spaces (also called Minkowski geometry) and, more general, of the theory of gauges or general convex distance functions go back to Hermann Minkowski. These fields have strong connections to Banach space theory (describing the finite dimensional situation), convexity (as extension to more general spaces, and using many notions and methods from there) and Finsler geometry (describing the local situation in tangent spaces). Over the 20th century, it was developed by mathematicians like H. Busemann, J. J. Schäffer, V. L. Klee, B. Grünbaum, A. C. Thompson and many others, and recently it came also into the focus of applied disciplines (like location science, or discrete and computational geometry). In this survey-like lecture we present some of these modern developments, presenting recent results and inspiring open problems.



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