Working group on open design of digital administration architectures

Simplify and accelerate access to digital administrative services
Image: Jürgen Scheere (University of Jena)

Start date:  2021-12-01

Finish date:  2024-12-31

Status:  active

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openDVA Logo
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The working group is a collaboration between the FSU Jena, the city administration of Jena and other organizations from science, consulting and public administration. In several scientific projects funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the group has been investigating ways to simplify and accelerate the digitalization of administrative services from application to service provision since the end of 2021. The aim of the OpenDVA working group is to develop a sustainable concept that takes into account the existing standards and specifications of the public sector as well as the long-term preservation and reusability of knowledge.


  • 2024
    • From Legal Texts to Digitized Services for Public Administrations : Marianne Mauch, Sarah T. Bachinger, Philipp Bornheimer, Stephan Breidenbach, Daniela Erhardt, Leila Feddoul, Hannes Legner, Felicitas Löffler, Frank Löffler, Maximilian Raupach, Sirko Schindler, Jörg Schröder and Birgitta König -Ries, IRIS24: International Legal Informatics Symposium 2024, Salzburg, Austria, February 14-17 , link
  • 2023
    • Digitalization without media disruption: From legal text to digitalized performance in public administration : Leila Feddoul, Sarah Bachinger, Maximilian Raupach, Sirko Schindler, Marianne Mauch, 6th Conference on Legal and Administrative Informatics (RVI2023), Poster Sessions, Dresden, Germany, October 26 -27, link , link .
    • On which legal regulations is a public service based? Fostering transparency in public administration by using knowledge graphs Feddoul, Leila; Raupach, Maximilian; Loeffler, Felicitas; Babalou, Samira; Hoyer, Jonas; Mauch, Marianne; König-Ries, Birgitta (2023), INFORMATICS 2023 - Designing Futures: Shaping futures. DOI: 10.18420/inf2023_115. Bonn: Society for Informatics eV. PISSN: 1617-5468. ISBN: 978-3-88579-731-9. pp. 1035-1040. Public infrastructure - IT skills for the digital administration of the future. Berlin. September 26-29, 2023, link .
    • Data and its challenges on the path to end-to-end digitization in public administration-Contributions from three projects of the openDVA working group : Marianne Mauch, Sarah Bachinger, Sirko Schindler, Leila Feddoul, Felicitas Löffler, Samira Babalou, Frank Löffler, Marc Bodenstein, Daniela Ehrhardt, Clemens-Alexander Brust, Data Science Day Jena 2023, Poster Sessions, Jena, Germany, May 10, 2023, link , https:// link .
  • 2022

    Evaluation of Data Augmentation for Named Entity Recognition in the German Legal Domain : Robin Erd, Leila Feddoul, Clara Lachenmaier and Marianne Jana Mauch, Joint Proceedings of the 3th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Legal Documents (AI4LEGAL 2022), co-located with the 21st International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2022). Virtual Event, Hangzhou, China, October 23-24, 2022, link

Workshops and talks 


  • 1. openDVA congress

    Dear members and dear partners of the “Open Design of Digital Administration Architectures (openDVA)” working group,

    The digitalization of administration is making progress and will have to face further technical challenges in the future. Artificial intelligence in particular has the potential to fundamentally change processes in industry, business, science and administration.

    We therefore cordially invite you to Thuringia for the 1st openDVA Congress. Where could one better frame the change in time from analogue to digital than in the centuries-old architectural beauty of the Dornburg castles.

    Learn moreExternal linkde

Group members

  1. Mauch, Marianne Project and working group head - Researcher/ PhD Candidate Professorship of Distributed Information Systems
  2. Löffler, Frank, Dr Project and working group co-head - Researcher Competence Center Digital Research
  3. Feddoul, Leila Project head (Canaréno) - Researcher/ PhD Candidate Professorship of Distributed Information Systems

    Leutragraben 1
    07743 Jena

  4. Raupach, Maximilian Project head (simpLEX) - Researcher Michael Stifel Center Jena
  5. Bachinger, Sarah Tanja Project head (Canaréno) - Researcher Professorship of Distributed Information Systems
  6. Bonagiri, Suresh Kumar Researcher Professorship of Distributed Information Systems
  7. Legner, Hannes Researcher Professorship of Distributed Information Systems
  8. Brust, Clemens-Alexander, Dr Group Lead Secure Software Engineering German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  9. Fritzsche, Tim, Dr Researcher German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  10. Bornheimer, Philipp Researcher Michael Stifel Center Jena

Associate members

  1. Löffler, Felicitas, Dr Public Administration Staff Ministry of Financial Affairs Thuringia

    Referat 55 Digitale Transformation, Verwaltungsprozessmodernisierung,
    Ludwig-Erhard-Ring 7
    99099 Erfurt

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