The research at the Institute of computer science at the University of Jena can be roughly divided into three areas:

  • Theoretical computer science
  • Practical computer science
  • Technical and applied computer science

Theoretical computer science

Research interests in theoretical computer science in Jena are algorithms and data structures, as well as logic and complexity theory.
The focus in algorithms research is on geometric algorithms and applications in optimization, visualization and machine learning, while
the research in logic and complexity theory is aimed more on the fundamentals of computer science. The research on theoretical computer science in Jena is supported by several research grants.

Applied computer science

This area is concerned with computer vision, advanced computing, and social aspects of computer science. At a university with a strong background in optics, computer vision plays a key role which is demonstrated by various local, national and international projects and collaborations. The focus of advanced computing is on enabling technologies for the solution of real-world problems arising from engineering and sciences and includes topics such as parallel algorithms, high-performance computing, and mathematical software.