We apply and develop new computational methods in order to understand complex dynamical phenomena found in living systems and we use this knowledge for designing novel organic systems.

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Project Funding

  • DFG
  • SFB
  • Digtalisierung der Lebenswissenschaften


  • Platzhalter
    Grafik: k.A.
    Virus Dynamics Studies on evolution mechanisms with stochastic simulations and host interaction dynamics with Chemical Organization Theory
  • Example representation of the resulting lattice of organizations based on the given reaction network.
    Foto: Beatrice Ruth
    Chemical Organization Theory The Chemical Organization Theory (COT) offers a powerful framework for analyzing complex reaction networks. It allows a generalized view of possible stable compositions independent of explicit kinetics.
  • Virtual Microscopy of a nuclear body with SR-SIM
    Bild: Peter Dittrich
    Rule based modeling and simulation in space Development and application of computer methods for spatial rule-based modeling and simulation of "programmable phase separation" in PML bodies.
  • Platzhalter
    Grafik: k.A.
    Evolution with Product Inhibtion A stochastic evolution model of replicating and hybridizing RNA strands to study the effect of product inhibition on evolution.