Modern Research


The central theme of our work is the transparent, integrated usage of resources in open, heterogeneous, dynamic environments. The ultimate goal of this research is to build systems that optimally support users in achieving their goals without the need for human intervention. ​
Modern Research
Image: Reka Illyes

Main research topics

A user group we are particularly interested in is researchers. Many of our projects aim at supporting them in the management, integration, and analysis of data. A special focus of our current work is on supporting biodiversity research. Lately, we have also been working on the digitization of administration.

In our research, we address a number of aspects of these theme, including:

  • We develop BEXIS2, a data management platform for biodiversity research.
  • We continue our work on semantic technologies and knowledge graphs to enhance data management and the integration of structured and unstructured data.
  • We develop solutions to improve FAIRness of data and reproducibility of research
  • We aim at personalisation and adaptivity of portals, including portals for research data.