We apply and develop new computational methods in order to understand complex dynamical phenomena found in living systems and we use this knowledge for designing novel organic systems.

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Current Projects

Grafik: k.A.
Multi-scale simulation platform of in-cell replication and evolution
Zu sehen ist die hierarchische Struktur der einzelnen Messpunkte.
Grafik: Beatrice Ruth
Development and application of new methods that can learn a hierarchical open-box model for a given set of high-dimensional data and the integration of domain knowledge.
Grafik: k.A.
Distributed Organizations
Development and application of methods to identify and analyse chemical organizations having at least two species which have to be spatially or temporally separated to allow for self maintainance and closure.
Virtual Microscopy of a nuclear body with SR-SIM
Bild: Peter Dittrich
Development and application of computer methods for spatial rule-based modeling and simulation of "programmable phase separation" in PML bodies.
Grafik: k.A.
Evolution with Product Inhibtion
A stochastic evolution model of replicating and hybridizing RNA strands to study the effect of product inhibition on evolution.